Just broke up-help needed from females?

Hi, really need some advice from the women on here. My ex girlfriend broke up with me last week after saying she doesn't feel the same. Do you think I can rekindle what she once felt or is it finished for good? Also should I try and contact her or give her space? Thanks


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  • when a girl says she doesn't feel the same anymore, then it's usually over for good. not much can be done after that. And honestly, I've heard from my friends' exes that when they broke up, they wanted some space or needed some space, mostly so they could move on. and really, if I should be completely honest with you, some of them told me that when my friend tried to contact them again, they found it annoying.

    • Thanks for your honestly she said she was looking forward to the future with me one night before we split

  • if you guys didn't talk it all through before breaking up, then I think I you guys should do that. bc then you know more about why she doesn't feels the same, what you did wrong, or what you didn't. during that talk, you can try to pick up hints about if she will give you a chance when you try it again, or she really doesn't want to be with you anymore.

    • She has blocked me after I bombarded her with texts the first day. I know I shouldn't have

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    • I don't think she can just turn her feelings off like this

    • How long should I wait?

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  • you dont contact her- you lose her
    you contact her- you lose her but there is chance to get her back.


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