Why did he delete me from snapchat?

well there was this crazy stupid bastard in my life that I deeply loved, we were friends but we kept talking in a sexy way "the dirty talk thing"our biggest problem was the lake of communication between us , he had no idea about my feelings neither did I , but I tough that he had feelings for me cuz the way he acted translated his thinking.
one day as usual we had a fight I blocked him on facebook after a long wihle w me made it up but I didn't add him again on facebook.
I think that wasn't problem for him, we talked for 3 days but we had another fight we hadn't talk since that time.
later I figured out that he deleted me from snapchat but more than 3 weeks of our fight.


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  • He hates you now basically just wanted to sext

    • Yes I agree with u he hates me

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    • Actually there is somoene special in my life now

    • Nice

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  • I was just dealing with a guy that loved to block me on snapchat for periods of time then unblock me and come back asking for only one thing. The same time he was saying things behind my back and calling me names. If he continues to do this, it just shows that he's probably talking to other chicks and when he finally wants u back, he'll add you back and it'll probably just be a repetitive cycle until you realize that you'll just get more heartbreak no matter how hard you try to make things right

    • He doesn't understand his needs and I decided to stop wasting my time with him

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