Can you sense that she wants something more than friendship?

This girl rejected me saying that her relationship with the love of her life ended and she can't forget him and thats the best answer she could give for the time being now. I told her it is better not to talk to each other coz i need time to absorb what happened and I will not engage in any relationship in the future, i jus wAnna relax and hAve time for myself. she was understanding. we didn't talk for 5 months. I messaged her this yesterday " you came across my mind so I messaged you to check up on you , how r u?

she sent me this

"you too you came across my mind many times but i was sure you didn't want to talk to me"

what does this mean guys?
Does she want to initiate a relationship?


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  • You left an impression on her before you started to not talk to her for months. She thought of you many times, yes, but that's just because she's curious and concern.

    5 months is a bit long and bit too harsh. She thought of you many times during those months, and I think certain feelings faded already. She wanted to tell you things, but you don't wanna talk.. it was all wasted. It might be something good... but you didn't wanna talk.

    • Thank you for your answer so you think she thought of me out of curiosity and not because she changed her mind or her feelings changed?

    • And concern. Because she must feel she hurt your feelings and then maybe realized the moments where you were with her.

      Are you really close? How?

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