Gager's why does my ex keep staring at me?

so my ex works at kmart and every thing single time i go there my ex is staring at me. most people have said maybe am looking for her to stare at me but am not i don't pay her any mind. but the last time i was there with a friend the casher was giving me this weird look... which i didn't known why. when we walk out my friend pulled me to the side and told me my ex turned around from the register she was working out to look at me and was looking at me the whole time i was in the stare. tbh even through i now feel uncomfortable as he'll going to kmart i have made it my mission to stop letting my ex girlfriend effect where i go. the only time i really go to kmart is when i need something which is made 1 or 3 times every 2 months. why do u think my ex keeps staring at me so much?


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  • Maybe she misses you, she might be thinking why you come in their? She might think maybe you miss her? She probably wants to see if your hanging with a girl or not?

    • she knowns am with another girl since i go there with my girl n she has a boyfriend. but maybe may be

    • That is great your both taken. It makes thing's less awkward. I think your ex might actually miss you alittle. Im pretty sure memories of you and her has to pop in her head since she keeps staring and looking at you Maybe she wants to say something but freezes. That would be awkward going in her line.

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