If someone threatens to leave, is that a deal breaker?

my boyfriend and I have been together almost 2 years and live together with his mother and my daughter. things have not been great lately. feeling like I don't get enough quality time and physical affection. last month I sprained my ankle and just recently got off crutches, so I haven't been much help around the house. he came home the other night and said he is stressed out with work and chores and said that if things don't get better by August he may have to move out when he starts graduate school. he said the reason that he says this is because he wants to come up with the solution to fix things because he does not want to leave. I am feeling hurt and betrayed because I feel like he would not have mentioned it unless he wants to leave. I got really upset and broke up with him but he says he wants to work things out. personally I feel that if someone wants to leave you nothing you will do will be good enough. he has already said that he knows that I'm trying but it's just not working. would you guys try to work it out with someone who have threatened to leave you?


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  • sorry for what you're going through.
    I think his threat prove that he's a selfish, and he has no sense of responsibility towards you or your baby.
    It's a bad feeling when someone treats you like a child. you must be responsible for your own choices, and don't forget that you have a daughter need your attention too.

    my advice is... leave, that relationship will affect you negatively (sooner or later).
    you have to know when to give yourself the respect that you need, and how to force others to respect you... whether they like it or not.
    you may still young in age, but you have to be an adult in mind... you have a little girl needs your love, and don't let anything affect your relationship with your child.

    who loves you must accept loving both of you (your baby and you )... make this your condition before getting on any other relationship.
    at this time... give yourself, and your child happy holiday, and start living your life all over again.

    Sorry for harsh words.
    Good luck...


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  • I would if I love them as there's always something that attracted them in the first place


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  • well if they threaten to leave you in their mind they are already feel like they sperated from you. He just wants to see how much you're willing to do to try and keep him. Which is not cool, I would work it out because of my nature but know all I know about your situation I would not try. It not worth it anymore something like this doesn't happen over night. His feelings of leaving has been on his mind for awhile.

  • let them go.. seeya!


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