Why did he unfollow me now?

Long story short, a little over two months ago I broke up with my first boyfriend of 6 months. It wasn't because of anything that he did wrong and this break up is the hardest thing I've ever gone through in life, which is saying something because I've been through some pretty crappy things. I still am feeling so depressed because it wasn't something that I wanted to do. I still wanted to be with him. We go to the same church so for a few weeks after we broke up we were still texting and seeing each other and it felt nice that we could at least be on good terms. But one day he decided he couldn't see me anymore and left our church. I understood, but it also really hurt because as hard as it was I had myself believing that we were making it work and eventually could be friends again like we were before we dated. Since he left we haven't been in contact other than to send Christmas/New Year's texts.

Fast forward to today... he just unfollowed me on instagram. Which is know is not a big thing, and obviously he would because I broke up with him... DUH. But, why now? Why two months later? I posted much more right after we broke up, but nothing lately so I'm just wondering why now? Does it mean that he's still trying to move on but can't, or that he's cutting me off because he doesn't even want to be friends in the future? When we broke up we said that we'd still be friends eventually, but that was before he left. I know I'm the one who should reach out to him, but I want to give him enough space before I do that, and I still think it's too soon? Although I'm not a guy, so maybe it isn't?

Another thing to add to the mix, just yesterday all churches in the city were closed as we were all supposed to meet for a big convention. I didn't go, but he did. Since he left our church he hasn't gone to any other churches and he knew that he might potentially see me if he went yesterday. So having just unfollowed me the day before, and still trying to move on, why would he come back?


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  • That is NOT short.

    You, and many others, put WAY too much emphasis on social media.

    All reality is face to face.

  • Not short indeed.


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