Too late for love?

My fiance and I are 53. After years of being friends we began a relationship because we were both available to do. We lived together and were pretty happy.
After about 6 months we started to argue and fight over petty things, but we both wanted to get through it. Another 6 months went by and we had some of the same arguments that became heated, but we felt we could fix it. Before the end of last year he proposed. I was very excited and he was too. However at that point the arguments progressed and became worse. One day I exploded and gave the ring back and told him to leave. He did. I was angry and emotional and did not want this , bit it happened. We did not speak for 2 weeks then he wrote a letter. He said that he did not feel trusted and that i was always angry and he did not feel we could be together. After that, we texted back and forth and called once in a while (mostly me). He said he needed space. However, after a month of not seeing each other he came to me on my birthday. We had a nice time and he said he would call once a week. I hated that idea and continue to try and communicte. It now has been 2 months of back and forth nonsense and now he has changed his number. How can someone profess his love and play these games especially at our age? Is it time to move on or is changing his number just a control move? Need help please!
Thank you!!


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  • You know when someone always try's to be politically correct. , it never works. Not to mention that you two aren't getting any younger. Alittle forgiveness and trueth probably would repair this separation.

    • i agree completely... however I have no way to contact... some say he is being a big baby... dont know what to do?

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    • Asker... I think he is looking for a reaction. That's why he keeps popping up. You don't have any source for contacting him? He probably feels very hurt behind this rejection tho. But you must relize that you're the one who rejected him callously. It's possible he'll pop up again to see if anything is different.

    • At this time I have no way of contacting him... I suppose I pushed too hard when he said he wanted space. Have not heard a word in 4 days.

  • Well, it was you who gave him the ring back after all, so you'd have to expect that it'll be difficult to fix. Giving the ring back is basically the same as saying you'll break off the forthcoming marriage


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  • Im sorry you are going through this! It sucks at any age! I have a fiance, we have been together for 5+ years but through all the little, big, and inbetween arguments we understand things are said in the heat of the moment! Couples are going to argue! Thats what will happen when you have 2 different opinions come together! We used to argue over small things but learned to pick and choose our battles! We think is it worth it or not! There has been times where i told my fiance he may be happier to leave me than to stay but he NEVER took me serious! I only mentioned it like a handful of times too! (Im a sickly person and am scarred that it will run him off) but next time y'all meet up be honest with eachother and tell him you know and understand what you need to to do to change for the better! Maybe he needs to hear that but you can't be the only one to work something! Its a partnership not a dictatorship!


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