How can I get over my best friend?

I have this best friend for over 7-8 years and some time into the 3 year period we began to hook up (then called it FWB). It was up and down but for the most part, it was great! Then one drunken night, he texted me and told me that he's always been into me (I asked him about it the next day and he said he was completely honest and wanted to see where it went). Hitting the 5-year mark we had been dating (but not exclusive) and it was bliss. But recently things were off, like when one of his close friends came over to see him after years (they went skinny dipping and he swore nothing happened). Then we argued, and he constantly reminded me that he cared and would always be there for me. But his friend came back again, and he went MIA for days, then started a random argument and broke it off with me over text on Snapchat.

I know it is long, but what would you do to get over this really long period? Thank you for any advice, I really appreciate it!


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  • Go out to art galleries, meet friends go to a bar. Do anything that keeps you occupied.

  • Try and distract yourself, spend time with family


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