Best Friend feeds off of my mistakes/failures?

I had this best friend since middle school. We've always been close but we've been srifting since we started college. We've been trying keeping eachother in eachothers lives but recently she's sort of given up responding to texts and putting effort in the friendship in general. Its something that is slowly happening. So last night I was tweeting some angsty stuff about a guy and some issues i was going through in my personal life. Later that night she texted me asking what happened and pretending like she didn't just ignore me for two weeks. I stupidly told her being as dramatic as possible because thats what i would need ti do for her to give me any attention. After that night I've started wondering if she just feeds off of my mistakes and failure. I was in a full on text a argument with my boyfriend a petty argument about what plans we should have over spring break and she wanted screenshots. Since she was my best friend I sent them to her hoping for her insight and support. She sort of pushed it on saying things like "omg this is why your my best friend" "you have the best comebacks" I'd like to say that my boyfriend and I have a really good relationship although we bump heads fron tine to time. A week later she texted me askimg for an update and I let her know that he and I made up but we haven't make a decision yet, then i asked her about her weekend and how her day was going but she had no reply.


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  • People get busy, especially when you move to different places. And you need not be constantly chatting to be good friends.
    Friends are there to present when you need them the most.
    You must have heard the old saying - A friend in need is a friend indeed.
    If she doesn't reply to your text means she is busy making her life and probably you should also.
    Just be in touch and ask them whenever you need them.


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