I'm the one that gets hurt in the end.

OK I been hurt a lot.. so I been talking to a lot of different guys but I always try to find something wrong with them so I won't fall for them easily because I don't want to get hurt.. or I always back away from a guy so I won't end up liking them too much.. I just don't wanna get hurt again.. I always put a lot into a relationship and I'm the one that gets hurt in the end.. now I just give up.. what should I do?


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  • Hearts are meant to be broken, what you don't want is having your heart turn to stone

    • True. thanks.

      but sometimes when your heart has been broken many times your heart just turns into stone.

    • When you allow those people that hurt you to build walls in you mind, you are just letting them control you. it alright to be cautious and a little jaded but if you block people out completely your still letting those people dictate your life rather than learning a lesson from them and moving on

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