If you were done with someone you were cared about would you tell them it is over or just move on and ignore them with no explanation? Why or why not?

If you cared about someone and let's say they hurt you, would you tell them it was over between you or just move on without telling them but just ignore them from that point on. If you decided it was over but don't tell them anything else and just move on with no more communication or explanation if they send you some messages apologizing, asking for closure or asking if you still wanted to talk would you answer it or just keep it over with no explanation? Why or why not would you tell them it's over or not?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It depends upon whats next when you cool down. Is there a chance that you keep aside the distances, then keep an option to go back, if not head towards a closure.

  • i would explain


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  • I think you should at least explained to them why. And make sure neither one of you had your pride involved so you can talk about it and come to the best resolution because I believe if you truly care about them enough, if the problem is simple you won't let it end whatever kind of relationship you guys have.


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