Is it ever appropriate for an ex to be at your door step?

My ex and I have been apart for over 2 years. He broke up with me and shortly after got married. Yes it stung at first, but I am fine now because it really was a bad relationship. Him and I have a child together and even then he refuses to communicate about our child. All communications goes through his mom. I found out that our son was sick and his mom asked me what time I got off. I told her. I got off work and I live in an apartments and my ex who is basically estranged was standing up the stairs waiting on me with our son? Is this appropriate? I ask because a yr in a half ago, I caught him and his mom riding around my apt. at night when I was taking my garbage.

Also he uses his time with our child basically to speak bad about me and tell my son how I don't love him. I cannot understand why he would do this sense he's the one who ended the relationship and has no reason to be angry. I am neither spiteful nor angry, but am wondering if what he did last week was a bit alarming.

He is 34 and I 29.


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  • That's just fucking weird


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