Girls: If your ex wrote you a letter, and you were dating another guy, what would you think?

Basically that is my question, I was going to add into the letter just how I hope for her to have a good life, and the best of luck with who ever she decides to be with. That I understand she is dating another man and seems to be very happy with, which I am happy for her to have found a new man. That I know I should have been a better man then what I was, and should have done certain things different, but that won't change the present situation. That I know I should have shown my passion better, through telling her how I truly felt and acting differently. That is what I have written basically, I don't look to get her back, but I look to allow myself closure knowing that I truly have done everything that I could have within my powers to have told her how I truly feel.

Just to add, me and her dated for 18 months, she has dated this new guy for 3 months. She left me due to the fact it was not really the type of relationship she was looking for and that she had become some what interested in this new guy.
We both looked at each other and admitted to each other that we are the type of person they would like to settle down with. But the lack of passion in the relationship was evident, she felt like I would not try to keep other men from taking her away from me.
I felt that she was selfish on taking gifts from other men and I didn't like when she did that, it made me feel less special and less of a boy friend and more of a convenience(this I was thinking of adding to the letter).
I don't really know what to do, I want to tell her how I feel, but at the same time I am not sure if it would do any good. If you have a suggestion, it would be nice to hear it.


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  • I think if you only want closure from this then send it, but be warned that if you didn't break up amicably then its likely that she won't view the letter positively.

    If you want to get her back, or even maybe just get a reply then I'd say don't send it.

    However, if you DO send the letter, try and keep it light, polite and friendly. Don't put recriminations in there and don't rehash the past any more than to just say that you enjoyed it while it lasted and that you wish her all the best.

    • Me and her talk on a regular base, usually its about nothing more then what is happening in our lives. Like how she is playing her sports, and how I am training, nothing to indepth about our personal lives. I try to avoid certain questions which may lead to her talking about her new boy friend. We plan to go on a bike ride latter this year together. She is becoming closer with her new bf, and I know I have lost her for now/good. I thought telling her would be a good idea, just so I have noregert

    • Well when I say me and her talk on a regular basis, I mean she starts to talk to me usually, and then caries most of the convo. I do put in and try to direct the convo, but most of the time about 90%+ of the time she is talking to me.

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  • I would think that you were still in love with me. If my ex and I had a lot of good times together, then I'd be touched. But if I was not really happy with the relationship, I probably would rather not hear from you and have more respect for your dignity and silence. Good luck and I hope you find happiness with someone more deserving.

    • Me and her did have a pretty good time, I guess. Like she was really into the relationship at one point.

  • what is the point of this letter? What do you want to achieve?

    • The point of the letter is so she knows how I feel about her moving on to her new boy friend and basically wishing her luck with it. Also for her to know that I really did enjoy the relationship, but I get what you are saying.

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