How to snap an ex girlfriend out of mid-life crisis?

Well. girlfriend of 27 years decided that our relationship wasn't going anywhere, so she did. Those were her words.

Anyhow, she hasn't worked in years, I bugged her a lot about that since I bought our family home, all on my own without her help.

She finally got a job and moved out a 1.5 weeks after getting hired. She's since been found on at least three internet dating sites. Yet she swears that she's just looking for "friends".

She hangs out with friends constantly, shows zero sign of responsibility, hasn't paid her sister any rent due in three months, hasn't seen our son but a few times since leaving, he's 16 now, but still shows signs of having issues with the current situation.

She's blamed me being closed off for her leaving (closed off due to issues regarding her years of not working), and my constant nagging about money issues, yet we went out Saturday night, and she showed support for her friend dumping her husband for being a bum, and then continued to mention that she had to remind the same friend that the ex she's dating got dumped for the same reasons (lack of employment)... it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut about that.

So, we occasionally have evenings together where we "hook up", and she accepts my attention, but then she takes off for a couple of weeks with very limited communications.

She said she has a storage unit for her stuff that she's removing from the house, but she's driven around for days with her stuff still in her car, and she actually has a truckload of stuff here, So I think that was a bluff on her part.

I'd like to put things back together between us, when she's here, it's wonderful, but when she's out on a break like this, she's bat shit crazy, and it goes away when she comes back.

Anyhow, the comments to move on aren't really what I'm after here, this is a family situation that I'm looking for input on, walking away isn't really an option I'm willing to entertain at this point.


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  • You could find another woman.

    • Lol. Maybe, but I want to clear this mess up, not create another..

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