Should I move out?

i have been with my boyfriend for a yr. & a half & I moved in after the 1st 5's my story...I'm thinking deeply about moving out because me & my boyfriend have had at least 1 argument each day since we have gotten together & I know that moving in made it worst because we have no space we have like 2 friends each so were always together thing is that I've already had 3 attempts to moving out & he took it like I wanted to leave him so if I move out but not break up with him it will be the best for both,& he agrees but I know by me moving out hell end up probably breaking up anyways & he's definitely perfect but were so different every1 my mom sisters even my bros that(didn't accept)him at first even my dad have said he's a great guy!but we have hurt each other a lot verbally & now were always with a frown or too serious but then again always kissing & hugging & cuddling & saying we love each other.should I move out & take chances?tomorrow it will be our yr. & 3 months.i just don't know what would you do?i really love him & I feel he will get distant if I do this because hell take it like I gave up on us.sorry if this was long but it feels good that I got this off my chest & hoping to get advice & that everything turns out for our best.anything you can think of is definitely helpful & appreciated thanks.

has any1 been in a similar situation?if so what did you do to fix it.does anybody from their point of view think we should call it quits?


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  • So you said that you argue everyday. Before you take the drastic step of moving out that you fear will look like you're moving on (to him), then perhaps you should look at the cause of the arguments. I'm assuming you're both stubborn and rarely compromise in arguments. Pick your battles, not everything has to be an argument. Why would it be fair if he had to agree with you 100% of the time when you don't want to agree with his views 100% of the time... compromise in order to become happy. Girl, compromise.


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  • You should definitely not call it quits. You said you love each other, if this is true then you need to work on fixing the core of the problem. Why are you arguing?

  • i would but when it comes down to it its up to you


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