Who made the first move, the guy in the relationship or the girl?

Explain how your crush process began and carved a pathway to something just absolutely fun and exciting and amazing!


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  • :) Its hard to say, because according to him , we met 1 year before I was aware he existed, and I totally ignored him AFTER I talked to him, & then officially blew him off...

    So I really do not know if that day I thought I saw him for the first time, I actually did just happen to see a random person, or if knowing me & already knowing he wanted to get to know me further, he strategically placed himself near by lol

    bIUt w/e we hit it off right away & as far as I know I felt like I initiated things, tho I am not sure if that is technically true.

    We started hanging out every day pretty quick & at some point he kissed me so, that was that we never had a talk or anything we just continued doing what we were dong ( hanging out), but in more different places lol

  • the guy

    • Details sweety. Friends first. How'd you meet all the fun nonsense!

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