Why am I such an awful person?

Okay so, my date to my school's sadie hawkins dance texted me yesterday saying he doesn't want to go with me anymore, and today we got into this huge fight. The dance isn't for another month, but I'd asked him about last month. He said it's because the dance isn't worth his time, and that he'd rather not spend a night with a bunch of people he doesn't like. He also told me that he doesn't have a suit, and won't have money for one. And that he has other stuff to worry about, like tests and stuff.

I didn't respond until today, because I was just really upset and angry, and I told him exactly how I felt, and he just blew me off completely dismissed me. I told him his financial issues, but I didn't appreciate the fact that he'd ignored me all last week, and decided to tell me over text. I feel really stupid for even texting him back, because I sent this really long paragraph, and he replied saying that it was too long, and he didn't read it. He then went on to tell me that he doesn't have time to read it because he's busy with school. I'm not one to open up to people at all, especially when something is bothering me, so the fact that he didn't even read it, really hurts. In the message, I'd told him many times that I completely understand and respect his decision to go. But then he went on to say that I'm not an understanding person, and that I'm not compassionate at all, which really upsets me because I'm the complete opposite, and he would've known that had he just taken the time to read my message. I've already spent $100 on the tickets, which I don't mind going to waste. I'm just not going to go. Dances aren't even my thing, but I just wanted to experience at least one while in high school, and spend time with him, but it's honestly whatever.
Right now, I feel like shit. This is all my fault, and I want to apologize for the way I responded. I hate myself for being so immature and emotional. I know it's going to take a while, but how should I go about it?


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  • Too Long fuck your life.

    • couldn't have said it better myself!!:-)))

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