Will we get back together? Guys and breakups?

He broke up with a month and a few days. It had nothing to do with lying, abuse, or either of us being unfaithful. It had to do with "differences in thinking" (his reasoning) of what feel are stupid things. I have reached out to him but no response so I am thinking we are not going to get back together. We dated for 10 months at point of breakup. I am taking things hard.
Questions: Any hope we can patch things up and get back together?
How long do guys really take to get over a breakup (be honest please)?
Have you ever gotten back with an ex? How did it work out?


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  • Have you spoken to him since you broke up?

    • i have texted him but he hasn't responded. that is why i think its over for good. I haven't heard back. He is a shy and more sensitive guy so maybe he needs more time. Our relationship was great and chemistry was amazing. He is shy and does not express his emotions easily. So He could be hurting too but am not sure.

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    • Thanks but if by 2 months comes and he doesn't respond I'm guessing its over for real and that would suck.

    • I'm sorry :(

  • at the moment, if he is not responding- he doesn't want to get back together. If he possibly did- he would respond back to you. I don't think there's really a time to get over a breakup- some people get over them that week or years depending how long and invested they were. It's really at your pace when you think you will be truly over it but maybe it's time to move forward and forget about it. I think it took me about half a year to get over a guy I was with for 2 years. We broke up and got back together again a few times but we just knew that our relationship was not going anywhere and we had different paths we wanted to take. I feel really good about that decision and have met my perfect guy.

    • I figured that and it just sucks. The was one of the worst breakups because it wasn't mutual. I want to date but i think it is too soon for me. Even if we don't get back together I just want to make sure he is ok and get closure or be friends.

    • it's understandable to want closure or be friends but even that isn't always the case. Sometimes they leave you with more questions when you're looking for closure. But in time you'll find the answers you were looking for. Just go at your own pace- but make sure you're still living your life and not putting all of your energy into this. You'll be okay.

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