Hi would you ever give a 2nd chance to your ex boyfriend who did you wrong? why is he trying to get back still?

Hi, its been 5 days since I broke up with my boyfriend for 10 months. I loved him so much and our relationship was almost perfect he treated me well and was loving. However one day I stumbled upon his group chat with his pals and found out its like a perv feast chat where they post random sexy girls FB there and feast about how sexy she is and how he wanna fck them (detaily) it was disgusting and a turn off. I also found that he talked about our sex life there in a detailed way like his so proud in an asshole disrespectful way. I was devastated his actually that type of guy, it was my least expected of him. I mean its ok if he shares a bit but in a respectful way and if he finds other girl sexy. But the way he talk there is in disgusting, immature rude way. Lately his been begging for me to take him back, he said he would wait as long as needed, he will do anything to impress me again and that he would change. Whats your opinion about that? I do still love this guy but what he did was just too painful. Is it fair that I leave him waiting for 1 year (if he could) to see if he rlly improve or if we still love each other. or just CUT the ties. I don't know would you give 2nd chances?
Or maybe after Uni? 3 more years and see how mature we got?
***He wasn't talking to other girls. He was talking to his guy friends about Hot girls on FB and what they wanna do to the girl like do this and that. But the girls dont know them (which is creepy)


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  • I think you are being a little harsh on the guy.. most guys do that and if his friends are involved he's clearly trying to fit in, its actually bad in itself that you went through his phone to read these messages. You shouldn't have broken up over that.. you should have confronted him and explained that you find it uncomfortable.. if it continued then you have a problem and something worth splitting up over


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  • no second chances. He is clearly interested in other girls-that is a HUGE red flag. HUGE. He wants you because he just wants to have someone by his side-not romantically but selfishly. You will always be 2nd to him. 5 days after you discovered this will not stop him from talking to other girls. He is not ready for a relationship because a relationship is not talking to other girls sexually. This is one of the worst things you can do in a relationship. Find someone who will focus on only you and not anyone else.

    • He wasn't talking to other girls. He had a group chat with his guy friends where they talk about what they wanna do with the hot chick on FB.. like I wanna do this and that to her.

    • I see, still though, the fact that he was involved in this chat is major no-no. Like why would he be involved in talking about girls sexually? Even if it's with his friends? That's very disrespectful I would think.

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  • While I myself would not disclose the sexual relations I had with my girl, especially not in a way that is disrespectful, I'm also not the type to go into a group chat and discuss a girl's sexiness and ways to fuck her for too long. I might say "yeah she's fuckin hot", but any group that discusses her for too long and in detail is not a group I want to be in. I mean, why the fuck would I share those details or care about those details from other men. At the end of the day, you saw his true colors. It's not about giving his "a second chance". It's about if you are willing to accept him for who he is, which is the person who did all those things you mentioned. If you can put up with him being that way while you're not around but still being sweet to you, stay with him. If you can't make that compromise, then I would suggest moving on.

  • nope dont


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