Opinions? Boyfriend completely disrespectful?

So this has been going on for a long time.
Lets dumb it down: Good guy at first, turns into insensitive careless cheating jerk. I was doting and did everything I could to make him happy. Granted I wasn't perfect, I've had a lot to deal with, but he's gone as far as speaking about me behind my back, calling me names, and refusing to communicate ANYTHING to fix what's wrong. He even refused relationship counselling. We have kids together, lived together before I separated saving my SANITY. And its obvious what I need to do.
What I need is encouragement to kick him out of my life all together. I'll find a friend to deliver our children to him, I just need some encouragement and POSSIBLY a little advice from the guys what to say in a way he will get that I'm done being his human punching bag. I don't feel like being mentally, emotionally, psychologically, or even physically abused anymore and I'm tired of him begging forgiveness. He clearly doesn't care about me. He mocks me when I'm crying (I cried about his cheating, I found out and went to my room alone and sobbed. He called me a cry baby and told me to get over it). He calls me any name you can think of, regardless of how "sweet" I am to him I'm still a useless B. He is one hell of a miserable SOB. Literally never happy, not even with our kids and they are the most precious little kids ever... I just don't get it. I seriously need advice on this, What do I do or say to make him get a hint that its OVER? That I have caught on to his GAMES and Im DONE? Please because I've tried many ways... I'm hoping the guys can help on this one.


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  • Quit talking about it and do it. Fuck telling him, he doesn't deserve an explanation. Simply take the kids and yourself, and go live somewhere else. If it gets taken to court, get a lawyer, and prove that he previously abused you


What Girls Said 2

  • Never talk to him again. Get a restraining order. Put all of his shit on the lawn. Move away while he's at work.

  • Just leave his miserable ass and don't look back. Have faith that this time you will be able to be free.
    Do you have any support? A place to rest with your children? If you do, your battle is damn near won and it's about fucking time!
    Now kick a foot up my ass please!


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