Feelings after a break up?

I used to always think the worst way an ex girlfriend could feel about me was hate. But i read something that said that the opposite of love isn't hate, its indifference, and that if an ex is still angry/hates you it means they must still have feelings or attachment to you. This makes sense cuz if u have moved on and dont care at all about them then you wouldn't be holding onto anger/hate. Those things come from a deep emotional place. You dont hate pocket lint, its just there.

When me and my first girlfriend broke up i had reasons to be mad but i wasn't at all because i just no longer felt one way or another about her. But my most recent ex is still very pissed 2 months later and i dont get it. If she's really moved on and doesn't care why would she still be hostile. I stopped trying to get her back but just wanted to be civil to the point where i could ask how she's doing from time to time cuz i still care about her, but she's still pissed i dont get it. How do you ladies in particular feel about exes u still feel for vs dont feel for at all?


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  • They move on

    • That response didn't make any sense. But thanks for your input.

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    • Oh so you're saying if they really dont have feelings anymore then they would just move on and not be angry? Cuz my situation is that my ex says she's "over me" yet she's still very angry and that does not seem like being over someone looks like lol

    • Everyone is different

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