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So I found out the girl I was dating used to date a bunch of douchey guys. She told me how she kept on trying to make it work with them. When I asked her why she chose me she said "I just knew you were going somewhere in life." I dumped her right there and told her to get out. She has been sending me all of this crap about how she "didn't know love until she met me." I just feel taken for granted. She just won't stop texting me and calling me crying. I'm probably just gonna block her number. Would you have done the same?
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My ex won't leave me alone. What should I do?


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  • Sooo you broke up with your girlfriends because she sees that your a responsible and mature adult who will actually make something decent of your life?
    I'm sorry but can you please explain how her saying that one little sentence makes her awful enough to dump?

    • She never said she liked me better or anything, she knew I was going somewhere in life

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    • I just feel like she like my ambition more than she liked me. Which is liking me less than the other guys

    • No. Well it can, but I feel in this situation she meant it different. She's only ever dated douchbags right? Men who she sees will amount to nothing and probably leave her. She finds you the best because unlike the losers of her past, she can actually see a happy and fulfilling future with you. Ambition is a good thing. She likes you more because of it. It doesn't take away from your personality, it adds more to it.

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  • Depends how she was sexually with me


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  • so she pays you a compliment and you break up with her? dude, you have issues.

    i interpret her comment as saying that you're better than the other losers she was with. and, as an ambitious woman who dated a series of directionless losers before finding an equally ambitious man/someone i could consider an equal, that's about the biggest compliment she could have paid you. if that upsets you, then you did her a favour by breaking up with her.

    • She's not ambitious and she never did much for me besides open her legs now that I think about it

  • I don't see what she said wrong?

    • Instead of "I loved you more," she seemed more interested in my future than me

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    • Or because your relationship with her was much more significant to her and she wanted to make sure she was making the right decision? I just think you've made a huge deal about nothing...

    • If I'm her "dream guy" why would she make me wait and then go crazy for them after just meeting them at a party?

  • That's so wrong, how dare you do that. Shame on you.


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