Boyfriend thinks I shouldn't talk about my feelings after two years in the relationship is it normal?

I been with my boyfriend for almost two years a lot of ups and downs he was flirting with his co worker a week after I lost the baby then when I confronted him he tried again to flirt again with her to the point where it was physical touching, he made her text me and then we spoke according to her she's not into him, she says he's ugly and she doesn't seem him anything more then friends and flirting is how she goes by at work anyways I forgave him for that then he wanted to apologize for flirting because things has been awkward at work I am sure he did apologize etc. But we been talking about moving in together and last night I was telling him how he makes me feel, ( crapy, like I'm no one in his life, he treats me like shit, he doesn't do anything nice for me, he makes me feel that I'm just there as his girl just to be there ) with that being said he told me don't you think we should be over having this conversation about MY feelings which made me think he really doesn't care how I feel he only cares to have me in his life maybe because he's afraid to be alone, every day that goes by i miss you feelings For him have been decreasing by his lack of support, attention, love, care and his actions. He says his biggest fear is losing me but I ask him why do u treat me so crapy so he never answers my questions directly so he pretends to Answer my question but changes the topic without me noticing.

Is there anything left for me in this relationship?,,


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  • are you giving him love attemtion and care too? or are you just expecting to receive it

    • Of course, I am always attentive checking up on him giving him massages every time we see each other's, ask him how was his days I try to be as supportive as I can, always tell him how special he is to me, that I love him

    • then he is taking you for granted

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