Dont know what to do with my ex any more i'm so lost - help appreciated?

So my ex ended with me some time ago now, we were together a few years and I was totally in love with her.. I begged and then went no contact, twice she came back leading me on to believe she wanted to try again to then very quickly change her mind as soon as she realized she could have me back.

I feel like i've played it all wrong, I've only ever been nice and explained to her that I want to try and work through this and fix things but its like she won't even give it a chance - I dont know what to do any more, she is still all I think about all day every day I've told her this but she still just seems to be more and more distant.

I worry I've over perused or tried to hard, my life has changed a lot since we broke up, new job, fitter etc. but nothing seems to make any difference, how can one person feel something so strongly that the other doesnt?

I've asked her several times if we can meet and she always tells me that she doesn't think she is ready and it would be too messy and emotional what do I make of this? I'm trying to resist asking her again after her rejecting the offer twice is this wise?


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  • this story is not complete.
    where is the other half?


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  • And like a fool who will never see the truth
    I keep thinking something's gonna change
    ---Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough

    Sorry man seems you have to let go.

  • she is human a animal she what's to chase her meal be less available find a fun crowd create a push pull relationship with her teasing the kitty

  • time my friend


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