Ex wanted me to initiate contact?

Hey guys!
I have a question for you.. my ex broke up almost 3 months ago and its been no contact since then, but i still miss him and kind of want him back.
When he broke up he told me he really wanted to be my friend, and when i told him i couldnt at that point, he cried a lot.
im really unsure if i should contact him or not, he said he wanted me to be the one who contacted first, but i actually think that should be him since he broke up.
what should i do?


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  • Ide have lunch with him make sure he is fine wish him luck or go Fuck depending on how it plays out


What Girls Said 2

  • don't contact him at all. let the past stay in the past

  • Hi!
    So why did you guys break up?

    • He broke up with me because he no longer saw a future for us and wanted to Break up now so he didn't have to hurt me later.. we were together for 1,5 years

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    • Thank you so just!
      I just think its so weird that he told me he loved me so much and cared for me when he broke up, but hasn't done or said anything to show it :(

    • Yeah it's tough, but to be fair when two people break up, cutting contact is the best way to deal with it.

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