How do I forgive myself and move on?

Today, my ex refused a letter apology that I sent him in the mail. I actually canceled the shipment to send him something more thoughtful but FedEx sent it anyway. We broke up two weeks ago and he blocked me on social media. I got the idea to send him a letter because I felt terrible for my behavior leading up to our breakup and wanted to apologize. However, he just doesn't care. he's treated me so coldly even prior to our breakup. Before blocking me he ignored me all week and kept adding/liking pictures of other girls bodies on FB. When he liked a photo of a girl with her boobs out I lost it and then he blocked me. I felt like I ruined our relationship because I'm insecure about photos. It hurts that I can't even apologize. Despite, my flaws I always tried my best for us. I'd go to see him, pay for things, forgive him when he ignored me and lied about it. I had sex whenever and wherever he wanted. It really hurts. I've been crying all day. I really wanted to say sorry but I can't. Sending him a letter was my last hope. Please, give me any advice on how to forgive myself and move on.


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  • First things first.. why are you thinking it's totally ur mistake? you commit a mistake.. you asked for forgiveness.. to the guy who doesn't take ur please into consideration for one time? you opened your legs.. you made him hurt you really badly.. you only asking for forgiveness from him? why the fuck? Don't you have a self respect?

    Stop crying n thinking bout such a jerk.. go ahead.. move on.. make the most of ur life.. don't waste it cribbing about the ones who don't deserve to be urs!!👍 Good luck dear !!

    • Thank you. I don't have self respect. No self respecting woman would tolerate such treatment. I have low self esteem and a hard time letting go of things that aren't any good for me.

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    • don't be this way.. u will only end up losing your own people.. so better.. hav some self respect.. leave him silently.. if he misses u.. he will call u back.. then you show him what u r made up of !! 😊👍

    • 😊 Thank you

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  • From what you said, it seems to me like it wasn't all your fault. Anyway, start by stopping all contacts with him. And then you wait. Some people deal with it within a week, some need months, some - years.

    • I can't contact him anymore because he blocked me on social media and his phone is off. That's why I sent him the letter but he refused it. :(

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    • He's only doing himself a favor. He's not thinking of me at all. If he were he wouldn't have blocked me at all. He ignored me all week and then shut me out without a single word because he's too immature.

    • I know you have no reason to trust me, but give yourself some time to clear your head and you'll see you're better off without him. Things always work out for the best. :)

  • nothing can be fixed at this point

  • you simply move on. He's ancient history. he's one of several ex-boyfriends you will have in your life.


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