Tips on how to get over a breakup?

I was the one who ended it. We were getting into a lot of fights that were all pinned on me, and he was not willing to talk things through or compromise. I do not wish to bash him, I just want to know some healthy ways to begin moving on.


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  • Just when you think your world is crumbling, pause for a moment with this thought: many cool guys are looking for a girl like you right now.

    In my last breakup, the following worked for me; it could work for you too.

    # Step 1
    Accept you can't switch off your feelings for him like a switch light. Come to terms with your helplessness—your inability to control forces outside your control.

    # Step 2
    Feel the hurtful feelings of breaking up; don't divert your focus from them. Diverting focus from the hurtful feelings slows your recovery.

    # Step 3
    Accept he is no longer with you. Nursing hope and fighting to win her back was a big mistake I made in my first breakup. It only heightens the pain and prolongs the recovery process.

    # Step 4
    Focus on the good memories he brought to your life and on things you'd have loved to experience with him. Following the breakup, I made the mistake to focus on her weaknesses, convincing myself she wasn't my type. I was merely lying to myself because if she wasn't good enough I won't have been with her in the first place.

    # Step 5
    Remove items (e. g. clothes, cosmetics, pictures, etc.) you associate with him. Block and delete all his contact details (e. g. phone number, email address, whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, etc.). No direct or indirect contact with him whatsoever. Block even his closed friends if necessary.

    # Step 6
    While carrying out the above five steps, engage in new or abandoned hobbies. Schedule targets for each hobby to do daily or weekly. If not of my last breakup, I wouldn't have been writing this opinion post now. I took on writing, road/trail running, and cross fitness exercises as hobbies.

    # Step 7
    Draw inspiration from a previous breakup or personal life challenge. I reflected on my very first breakup. It dawn on me I had a new girlfriend months later. I then flashed my mind back to the current breakup. I then questioned myself rhetorically: why am I even feeling sad? It suddenly changes my mood. It's like telling myself I have been through this before, and came out stronger 6 to 12 months.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Talk to some other people, don't go straight into talking to other guys to date them, because that creates more problems and everyone would see you as a slut. I mean like just start talking to other guys, without a dating motive but just as friends. Or keep yourself busy and let time handle it all. Never give your brain time to think about it, keep yourself as busy as you can.

  • Spend quality time with friends/family, try something new ((new) sports for example)

  • do the thing you never liked


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  • Get your head filled with other things. Throw yourself into your schoolwork, sports or clubs, Write a journal, get a job, establish a crush on someone new, volunteer. Anything that can help you grow while keeping your mind too busy to think about him.

  • Spend time with family, go shopping with friends, have a pamper day


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