The girl I punched giving me a second chance, what should I do?

Hello, about three weeks ago I hit a girl I like (The story is explained in my previous question link ). After a long moment of silence, she call me yesterday. To my surprise she gives me a second chance, so I invite her to the restaurant this weekend, but she still must be shocked and I'm scared to see her reaction, so I'd really like to regain her confidence, how can I make her comfortable? how to show her I am sorry and I will never remade this kind of mistake? (By the way I don't drink alcohol anymore, maybe I should tell her that)


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  • Well.. I read your first post. I think its interesting that she is willing to give you some kind of chance. Of course, you should let her know that you don't drink anymore. Just be yourself around her, evidentally she liked you the first time because you were yourself. Don't go overboard with the "I'm sorry"... just be caring, listen to her and show her affection. I hope all works out between ya'll. Give us an update.


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