Do dating sites help to move on from a broken heart?

I still have a broken heart from my break up with my ex and I have come to realize these past couple of days that he didn't deserve me at all after all the lying and cheating that he did along with all of his friends rubbing it in my face that he ended up getting a new girlfriend all over facebook which resulted in everyone being blocked but I'm still a broken hearted over everything and one of my friends suggested that I just try dating sites where you can just talk to people and I just also want to make new friends as well that way I'm not coped up in my apartment all the time after work and feel like I'm looking at plain white walls all the time. Plus I'm also hoping this could also get me out of my shy bubble in a way too. What do you guys think I should do should I do the dating sites or not do the dating site?


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  • Dating site at this time means you are going to trust anyone to make your pain pass away, and this mistake would make you opens the door for others to take advantage of your needs In the name of love or a new relationship.

    the best treatment is forgive, and accept the apology you never got... I know it's hard.. but this is easiest way to destroy the wall between you and your feelings to build a good relationship with yourself before committing to any another relationship

    take time to heal, and forgive yourself for what happened and forget what happened.
    make the healing comes from inside your soul, not from outside... at least you'll realize one day that you owe to yourself...(not to anybody else).
    go out and spend more time with your friends or with those who make you smile for free.

    Good luck...


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  • dating sites won't help you, if you want to move on have a self reflection with your self. if you believe in god start praying. i think you should fix your self first than looking for someone in a dating site. heal your heart firs, have time to your self first then after that go out meet new people or meet new girls


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  • No, that's like walking out in the cold and deciding to jump into a dumpster fire to keep warm.

    But hey maybe you'll be lucky and win the online dating lottery.

  • I think that everything that keep your mind off your ex definitely helps. Plus I strongly believe that you only get over an ex, when you meet someone else you like.

  • My last ex really fucked with my heart, I loved her to death. Did we fight? Yeah. Did I call her names like the B word? Mhm (but I have reasons that everyone agrees I had the right to do so) anyways she ended up breaking up with me a few weeks before Thanksgiving week when I was planning to introduce her to my whole family (already introduced her to my parents) and at that point we where together for a year and 7 months. Well turns out she left me for an ex she mentioned to me several times throughout our relationship. So with that being said I'm sure she cheated on me. When it first happened I was devastated. Couldn't sleep, cried for a few days, didn't shave 😂 and I didn't wanna eat anything. But eventually I got back on my feet and went back to doing things I loved doing that I stopped doing all because of her.

    • And yes I jumped on tinder and messed around. It made me feel good to know that other girls found me desirable so that bumped my self esteem up. So yes I'd say give online dating a shot, just don't mention you just got out of a relationship unless you are only expecting hookups.

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    • Agreed!

    • Okay haha

  • I'd stay away from the dating sites because I think it's the wrong venue for what you're talking about. This place looks ok.

  • Dating sites are a mixed bag. I have never had a date from any of my profiles i had


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