Should I meet with ex?

Okay guys, i really need help on this one.

So my ex broke up 3 months ago, but i feel like i still have feelings for him.. and i dont know What he feels. We have been in no contact the whole time.

yesterday I was with a mutural friend of ours and she suggested that in the wintervacation (two weeks from now) me, her, to other mutural friends of ours, and my ex met up.
I really want to stay on a Good level with my ex and be friends (at least hang out with others)

Do you think it would be Okay to meet with those guys and my ex? Or will it make everything Worse for me?


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  • Keep things purely friendship. You broke up for a reason right?

  • if the break up was clean. then try again.

    if it was messy. one side was left hanging.. or whatever, no.

    • He was the one who broke up, i didn't want to, but it ended on Good terms and we didn't argue

    • then. i guess its fine. hope for the best, expect the worse. Maybe it won't be so awkward

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