How to best get over a heartbreak?

As fresh as last night. I just keep replaying our time together, remembering everything that was said and if it doenst make me sad? it makes me murderously angry. There are so many bad angles to this situation i can't even tell you the "worst" part. This was my first time opening up to someone completely, fully, he literally knew everything and if not? he couldve. So yea, gimme something before I real life loose my mind


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  • I'm going to give it to you straight mate! You will feel the entire crushing blow of being abandoned and broken up with today. Trying to act like it didn't happen or it doesn't affect you a day after never did anyone any good.

    Watch a few love movies, cry, talk to a friend, pig out on ice cream, and just get a grasp on what happened and where your emotions are today. I'm sorry this happened to you mate. But you will get through it. And with it being so fresh, there's a very good chance they'll return before the week/month is out, if it helps any :).

    But once you embrace what is today! Then you continue your daily life. No need for a drastic new change to try and hide what happened. Now if there's something you always wanted to do, like skiing, a backflip, go for department manager, well you do that. So when or if he returns your confidence level will have a gigantic boosts that doesn't NEED him you know. Not to not want him, but you NEED him.

    And I wish you the best going into tommorow :).

    • OMg I love this soo much likeee , I've found that willing myself to forget is constantly reminding me of What im trying to forget. I tried to cry last night (I felt like It would release some pain) but tears just wouldn't come, which is no shocker, im not a cryer. And Its funny you say to better myself because I felt like now that he's gone, I might as well go on being this horrible person everyone expects me to be...

    • Happy to help :)! But don't let them make you out to be some monster, don't play the role THEY give you, i know it makes you want to. I've felt like embracing being the asshole my ex made me out to be.

      But then they win, and we lose ourselves because of other people's expectations of us. Haha, so I hope you don't let them make you into some bad girl or something, it will be tough, but I know you can do it.

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