My Ex boyfriend cold and then hot he nice then hateful😪💔💯?

my ex boyfriend i texted him lastnight i broke the no contact rule but im going back to doing the no contact rule when i started to do this he texted me first was more calm last night like a dumbass i texted him he seem nice and calm i told him about my feelings didn't go well i told him how i feel again this morning je says to me im done with childish shit then i asked why are treating me like this then he says i got work i dont have time to text you a 1000 times 😥😪he been mean to me all week
What does it mean when an ex is nice and then hateful also he broke up with me just because i wanted to spend time with him i was pregnant i went into labor on July of 2016 on july23rd he left me and went out to his job i was alone i gave birth by in my parents house my mom was there my dad wasn't there


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  • He's done with you. Most exes don't want to associate with their exes after a breakup also he seemed annoyed by you texting him at night and in the morning. Just let it go and focus on your child.


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  • Dear god, stop worrying about this stupid useless drama. You're not getting back with him. Worry about your kid and your future. When you get your head screwed on right then maybe you can worry about finding someone to have a nice, healthy relationship with instead of fooling around with this immature crap.


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