Girls, Decoding the real breakup reason is harder than the Rubik's cube?

I began dating an amazing younger woman & she fell hard, and I joined her quickly in falling in love

I was careful to only match the feelings & not push etc

Weekly over the next 5 months we were terrific. She would consistently nurture the relationship by saying things like "I love you more than I have loved anyone" (this was four months in)

We progressed ; slow dating & after 3 months we become bf/gf.. the world was ours for the taking!

Two months later she even wanted me to meet her family & they loved me (I'm told)

but shortly after she got hella distant. Next over a single weekend she met, texted, then had dinner with a guy including having him to her apartment for me to walk in on. ... she said she does that? She sabotages her relationships. Huh?

They just kissed. + sitting down at the table talking. in her room my stuff wasn't "hidden away" (I don't live there) -- as if she intended to sleep with him.

But that caused the breakup. She didn't feel full remorse and so no point..

But why?
I myself didn't cheat however as she began to pull back, I distracted myself by talking to someone myself (not to cheat, but to not "chase" my amore)

my question is: IF SHE SAW MY TEXTS to this other girl? (and never mention it, or her feelings)? WOULD THIS be the reason?

Or or is it more likely she's got her OWN reasons for wanting to stop the relationship and not able to either articulate them or confront them. (I'm devastated to this day, because everything was Great. Or so I was regularly led to believe)

even a week earlier she wrote "I love that man right there. He makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. He is my everything and I just wanna melt into him, I love that man right there"

If it was a revenge move, wouldn't she lash out or otherwise attack with the "well you did such and such..."?

the day after the split her message was very complimentary of me of our fairy tale but blaming all sorts non-items. Its me/not/you...


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  • Rubik's cubes ain't hard that's why!


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