Should I text him?

we dated for three months, we broke up a little less than two weeks ago. We haven't spoken since he left my house that night that we broke up. I wouldn't say it was a nasty break up, it was just over stupid fights and we hugged before he left. I was crying but not yelling or anything. It breaks my heart that I haven't heard a word from him. Then, we saw each other for the first time yesterday in a class we have together and he acts as if I'm a stranger. I wanted to at least say hi but he wouldn't really look at me and I felt too emotional to go over to him. I want to text him and just be like "so we're just never going to talk again?" He's the one who said he wanted to be friends but he acts like I don't exist... I don't wanna necessarily get back together but I don't want him like hating me or thinking I hate him? Help please, thank you.


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  • I know it's hard to do but I would leave it alone and see what happens. Best of luck!

  • Don't text him babe. Treat him the way he is treating you, ignore him.


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