How can you be friends with an ex?

To those who have remained friends with your exes, how did you do it? What tips do you have? My ex and I grew up together, and I would love it if we could eventually go back to being good friends again.


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  • yes and no. I'd say no if you still had feelings for each other. yes if the relationship didn't end with a fight or something like that.


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  • So, this really depends on how deep your intimate relationship went and how important keeping a friendship is, to you both. In my experience some tips would be
    Give each other space- ending on good terms does not need you need to stay in constant contact. It means it is okay to contact;so take time.
    Take time to get over the relationship and regain your independence. -you guys may be on different time frame for this so respecting each other is very important.
    Forgiveness - regardless who broke up with who, there are usually hurt feelings, before a friendship is possible true forgiveness AND accepting needs to happen.
    Be ready for them to move on- there is a good chance they will find someone new and maybe even before you are ready to. You HAVE to respect that relationship. I'm not talking like just not being physical but you have to watch what you say and do. Do not say or do anything you wouldn't have wanted a girl doing or saying when you were the girlfriend.

    I lost my train of thought but hopes this helpd. I've been there and I've done it, if you want to PM I'd be more than happy to talk more.


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