Confused... he. left lying and stealing?

Why would a man live with you for 5 years then suddenly decide to move out? Not talk about anything and give you excuses but talk to others? Not even say goodbye or anything? Now bad mouthing me? Claims ot was his kids and i not getting along but they're 19 and 22 and neither resided with us? He even tried to steal one of my rings on his way out? During our telationship he let his kids be disrespectful tp me they wouldn't even say hello to ma and they moved to my house (his son did every other week with us till a few months ago). He would biy his ex flowers for wedding anniversary after divorced and tell her their wedding was happiest day of his life. He even got her a tattoo (while promising me one and never coming through even paying for his exs and asking my good friend who does tattoos to not tell me he paid for his ex"s, but my friend told me). He even told my 9 yr old to shut the f us and i never spoke to his kids that way... they barely spoke to me inless they needed something from me).
No drug issues. I think he just was never into me from the get go but i was known to him comfortable and a cheap place to live. He purchased flowers for his ex wife for their anniversary every year even though divorced even telling her the best day of his life was their. Wedding day. He tells everyone i am mean and hateful yet those who know me are confused as they say im anything but. A lot of projection from him i think as he angry for about a month before leaving.


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  • The stealing and other erratic behavior makes me think he may have a drug problem. But it probably goes deeper than that. I wouldn't be surprised if he was an asshole all along and he put on a good show, pretending to be a good guy for the first few years of your relationship. Now the truth comes out.


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