Guys: Is jealousy enough to cause a break up?

If you are not doing anything behind your girlfriend's back at all... but she is worried you are looking at porn after you said you wouldn't, checking out other girls when you say you don't... would you break up with her because you really aren't doing anything wrong and get tired of being questioned? Or would you continue to reassure her and try to prove to her you're trustworthy?

If you WERE doing stuff behind her back, would you ever admit it or keep hiding it rather than finding someone who was okay with it in the first place?


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  • If my girlfriend was that insecure about everything yes I would probably break up. It would get too tiring to have to constantly reassure her all of the time.

  • I think finding a hobbie and be truthworthy is the right thing to do. Porn is definately for the inexperience and can over time cause disfunctional ideals and views ; that should be shared by both of you. Some people by nature don't even know how much damage that vibrator does to them emotionally. Although, I feel every woman should have a falic for health reason's it too can cause disfunction.

    • That didn't answer my question at all - just for the record. ??

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