She broke up with me for mixed reasons.

We had a little dispute cause I felt like she was changing so I asked her to tell me what's going on and to talk to me. And it sets her off. She ends up breaking up with me cause she doesn't want obligations to anyone she wants to be free to do as she pleases. For a while she is normal and still texts me but then I put up a front and try to talk it out again it fails. Then she stops texting me so I text her every now and then but get only one word responses back. So the week goes on and I know this is terrible but I am really cool with her family. In fact I am still welcome to her home anytime I want to go. So I went to her families house to talk to her sibling about it and she offered to ask what's going on. I know it was bad but I had to do something at least. I couldn't sit around and do nothing, I wanted to see hope I guess. Later on few days later she blows up at me for what happened. Saying it annoyed the crap out of her and that we are done. That I shouldn't talk to her anymore or see her anymore. I know it's pretty straight forward what she said. Now she rarely responses back most of the time she doesn't at all. So I pretty much stopped for a while. But I am just there a chance still? Because her sibling told me she was stressed about life and all the events going on in her life right now...cause she does have a lot going on. So I am wondering...if I just turned into a scapegoat for it all. Since she considers me an object of frustration and stress now.


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  • Too many factors honestly. The "stresses" in her life could be it but there is no way for an outsider to give you an answer on that. My advice is that if you truly care about her, respect her wishes for whatever reason she has them. Maybe talk to her one last time and tell her that you two breaking up really hurts you and that you care for her deeply (or love her which ever the case may be) and out of that love you are going to do as she ask and leave her alone but you'll be there if she needs you. If it truly is other things causing it then when her life calms down a bit she will remember how awesome, caring and thoughtful you were and come running back to you.

    • I see, thanks for the input! She never wants to talk about it...and if I bring it up she only talks about it online. But lately she hasn't been contacting me and if I contact her every now and then I get ignored. In fact she broke up with me online. She won't face me face to face...which makes it even harder to cope with it. Plus she is stubborn as well...I don't know if that changes anything...

      Thanks for the advice!

    • Yo I'm in the same boat as you...girl stressed wants to be free and all a lot of changes in her life...i didn't give her what she wanted at first because I kept texting and calling and slowly got the same short responses to no response. I'm close with her family as well the sister says she has a lot going on just try to keep my mind busy and all and her mom says she really wishes we were still together but she doesn't know what she really is thinking right now...i say just wait it out...patience is key!

    • Thanks for responding! Sorry to hear that...hopefully it works out for the both of us...your right though patience is key...all I can do is wait and see.

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