I can't get over the break up with my ex, what should I do?

Me and my ex ended our 2 month relation on past Christmas. Since then I am going through a very pain time, despite the fact that I had an abusive relationship in which he treated me really bad, and offended me so much, I just can't stop thinking about him, and the worst part is that I knew his ex broke up with current boyfriend which makes me feel continuously in panick because I'm afraid my ex and her can came back. I just don't know what to do anymore I am checking both my ex and his ex fb all the time, shaking all the time bc I'm afraid what I can see. I feel totally inferior than her, I'm constantly seeing her pictures and comparing myself. I just feel like s***. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. My personal life is completely destroyed I'm unemployed and alone and another day I thought of making something insane like ending my life... Please help :'(
His silence after breakup is killing me, I just can't like me anymore, everyone says how pretty I am, but I can only feel ugly, guilt and sad


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  • Stop looking at their facebook pages. Try to pull yourself together and don't allow this to dictate your life and who you are. Go out and stay busy and don't be sad in the house. Think positive and be positive.


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  • Well to be honest yes they could get back together however you were not meant for that relationship you have to really think about why you miss him and if its just the relationship and companionship you miss or.. actually him. Perhaps go look for a job, even part time, clean your room go for walks and day by day it'll get easier and you will be willing to love again.

    • I am. So afraid :'(. I feel less than her all the time. I can't get over this, I try to keep busy but in the end I am always stalking their Facebook

    • don't feel less than someone because you never know their real life. You will be okay x

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  • you dodged a bullet. collect yourself and walk away slowly. you'll probably never forget your relationship, and that's a good thing. Now you know what you shouldn't be going after. constantly remind yourself that you're grateful for not being abused anymore.


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  • You don't need an abusive relationship in your life, that's the last thing you need, so if you guys are no longer together, that's the best thing that could have happened to you. You need to start loving yourself. You need to start thinking what you'd like to do with your life and get a job and/or study or do something that you love. When you feel better about yourself you'll be able to find a love that won't hurt you.

  • You were only together two months, you haven't talked in months, AND he was abusive? I try to be sympathetic usually but come the fuck on

    • Yes he was abusive during the relation because he was always offending me, an once he spat on me.. I haven't talked because he didn't make any effort to talk to me

    • So why are you wasting time beating yourself up over someone you know is no good for you and who doesn't care for you? It's been months since you've talked, you've had time to move on but I suspect you won't let yourself.
      Just let go, hun. I know it's not easy but let yourself let go.

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