Relationship in limbo, dating other guys?

So my boyfriend and I are in limbo, prob broken up. I put my online profile up again and I was found by a guy who had messaged me before, but never asked me on a date. We messaged a lot and he even remembered my birthday! He contacted me and we started a back and forth, this time there is a date set. Am I wrong for doing this? I feel guilty, but my bf/ex whatever he is, is giving me a cold shoulder and even told me not to wait. I have been a mess for the last week and I may be reaching a point of not caring anymore. Thoughts?


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  • I don't know.. but you're moving too fast.
    i'm not saying.. you have to suffer and lock yourself in a dark room to feel bad about what happened, but does this new relationship or dating site or that guy fulfill your needs?

    what I'm trying to say is... you're emotionally open to any new relationship, whether bad or good, and this will be a mistake... i'm afraid you'll pay for it later if you didn't realize the consequences.
    give yourself time to know what your priorities are, and what you want.

    just don't throw yourself for luck... luck as the sea, and beautiful for those who know swimming.

    Good luck...

    • I already suffered for 2 weeks, lost sleep, didn't eat and cried sporadically. I think im numb to what is happening and i no longer care. I was hurting so much for the last few weeks, cloud over my heart.

    • don't justify your pain as a green light to open your heart to anyone.
      Instead of allowing your heart and emotions to dictate your choices, decide to make a change, and take your time to fix what's broken.
      the best treatment is forgive. I know it's hard.. but this is easiest way to build a good relationship with yourself before committing to any another relationship.

      don't worry, you'll find love again but not in the wrong places... not like that.
      you needed to learn to love yourself, because no one else could do it for you.
      just don’t force yourself to find someone and focus on your life instead, falling in love again happens naturally.

    • Def true, I'm not planning to fall in love, just see what's out there. The funny thing is, since I talked to this other guy before for about 2 months, its almost where we left off the last time. I do forgive the guy, but I won't forget the pain.

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  • If that's the case why not end it with you boyfriend now?


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  • Go ahead with this new guy.. anyway ur ex is a deadbeat.. so no need to feel guilty.. u already hv moved on.. so.. be in the moment. njoy the new guy..

  • You should tell him you're breaking up with him before you see this new guy. I would also caution against seeing this new guy so soon because it'd be a rebound and those never last

  • Yeah you need to make sure you guys are done before you start rebounding.


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