What went wrong?

I was in a short-time relationship with a guy from Italy. We had an amazing time together and everything went pretty fast. He asked me to be his girlfriend. We are both really young 21 and 22.

I got really needy and was angry about not seeing him so much. In the end he was not confident about our relationship, he said it was somehow an asymmetric relationship. We broke up end of October last year. In between we saw each other again. He kissed me and said we have to overthink what happened. He said he still likes me and it is strange we are not together. Then he added: but you wanted to see me to often and then he doesn’t want any relationship right now. He said I did nothing wrong it’s him not knowing what he wants, it’s him not being able to attempt to his feelings. I went a month NC after he said to me: He moved on and doesn’t feel like missing what was used between us. But he would misses me in the sense of talking to me and seeing me. I went NC for a month and contacted him again. He was really nice to me, responded and also said he wishes to see me again soon. So a few weeks later I asked him to go out but he was in Italy and then had examination session. I wished him good luck and said to him it would be nice to hear from him when he has time. So he said of course I will hear from him and we will manage to see each other. 3 weeks have passed, I heard nothing from him. I’m ok right now and don’t need him in my life so I won’t reach out to him again. I really don’t understand what went wrong between us…. In the beginning he was so into me, said since I am in his life he finally feels having a relationship again, I should trust him, he wants to stay with me... The dynamic changed at some point. I still don’t understand what we did wrong. I understand that he has the time of his life and is enjoying his last student year… That he is really busy. I didn’t want to be the women who steals his freedom. He lost completely interest. How to I gain that back?


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  • I think he lost interest


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