Girls, how do I stop my ex girlfriend from making so much drama because I broke up with her?

hello i was dating this girl for about 1 month and I found out she likes multiple guys and is a drama queen. But after i break up with her she starts all this drama that everyone believes and i dont know what to do. A few months have gone by and she us still starting drama and I have a new girlfriend that treats me right and all that and now my ex is messing with our relationship. what can i do to stop this?


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  • All I can say pal, is to forget about her like you have been. Give her not attention what so ever, that way she should soon give up on you. And as for the drama, act as if it isn't there - when people ask you about it, play dumb and act as though you don't have a clue! And your new girlfriend? Good for you! You move on and she clearly doesn't see any of this as a major issue, so try not to worry too much about that πŸ˜‰

  • have you tried to talk to her about it in a calm polite manner?

  • Block her on all social media, block her number. Block all forms of contact. Tell your girlfriend to do the same. If anyone brings her up shut down the conversation and say you want nothing to do with her and you don't want to hear about her at all as you're not together and you're not interested anymore.


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