Recover from Unrequited Feelings?

A crush hasn't reciprocated feelings for me since 2nd grade. The last guy I liked really hurt me by acting a bit hot/cold and just not responding the way I wanted him to. You'd think at this rate, I'd be really good at dealing with unrequited feelings, but I'm not. The only thing that's been able to distract me is developing crush on another guy, but that's not how I want to deal with my feelings anymore. I guess what I want to know isn't how to deal with unrequited love in general, but how do you deal with it when it happens all of the time?


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  • I would move on. I know it's hard to do; I've been through it myself. There was a guy I had a crush on from 6th until the end of 10th grade, but a lot of the same things (confusing signals, false rumors) tore us apart. I would focus on something else, whether it's a hobby or activity, to get him off your mind. Before long, you will find someone knew... I'm sure :)


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  • Yeah I've been having that problem also. For me it is hard cause we are morning the lose of a relationship even if it is just in our heads, or the change in a friendship from the result of it.
    I kind of have to get over it and know that it won't happen. After a while I get back into a normal singles mindset. I'm just kind of happy knowing that I'm good on my own. Not having a partner or a date is fine. I try to focus on improving myself and enjoying my hobbies, and working on my faith. Pretty soon I'm back in love. Well back to liking a new girl anyways.
    I'm sorry that he hurt you but you will find someone. Just keep looking girl.


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