Do you twirl on them haters 😙?



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  • My haters go out the door and around the block. Let them hate while representate


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  • Yasss hunty twirl and a few hair flips with a smile lmao nah I don't surround myself with people who would hate on my success most times than anything it's people on the internet who hate me "Her body is fake" "She's probably stupid" "She's a hoe" "Stupid feminist" And it's funny *Twirl hair flip Vougue Face*

    • I got hot sauce in mah bag 😘😎

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    • You know you DA BITCH when you cause all this conversation 😂

    • Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper 💃

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  • What does twirl mean?😂

    • Twirl your umbrella like you give zero diks cause you a southern bell and these cockroach ass bitches be coming out the wood work with their diseased add vaginas tryna judge YOU. Lol

    • So many typos cause I'm drunk as shit 😇

    • Lmao Drunk and on Gag! Great combos! Lol then yes 😛

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