Can we still work out in the future?

Me and my girlfriend decided to split after almost 4 months of going out. It was hard for me to accept but it really was the best thing for us. We just argued a lot and we couldn't really fix it at that point. She would always easily get mad at me. So today she broke up with me and I ended up accepting it. It felt like my heart was torn about but as I was thinking about the positive things, I felt a little better. She seems a lot happier now that we're friends. I called her and told her my final thoughts about the breakup. I told her that I truly understand why she did this and I agree it's the best for us. She was happy I understood her breakup towards me. She wants to be friends with me still. She says that I'm still her special guy friend. I was her special guy friend before we started going out. I told her that she would be my special girlfriend too.

I still have strong feeling for her because I thought that our relationship was the most unique one I have ever been in and I really still think she's the one. It's such a long story. PM me if you wanna know everything or just ask me. Well anyways, I told her that I'm just happy that she's happy now. I told her that I'll always be there for her and she said she'll always be there for me. I told her that maybe someday in the nearby future, there will be a spark with us again and maybe we could be together again and she agreed with that. And finally, I told her that I won't ever talk about our relationship from the past as long as we're friends. As we were ending our conversation, we seemed sad about all of this. After I was done talking to her, she texted me a sad smiley face and I told her that "hey hey I'm happy as long as you're happy. Let's just keep our hopes up!" Then she texted me a smiley face. So throughout this afternoon, she texted me to see what's up. I texted back like normal.

I don't know what I should do to still get her back? I want her to get her feelings back for me, somehow. How should I handle this? I really love this girl still. She seriously has like everything I ever wanted in a girl, but it's just that we argued a lot and we never just healed right.

Yes I had sex with her A LOT
I'm not expecting to get her back like right away at this minute... She has already forgiven me and she even told me we are in good terms right now.


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  • Well that sounds like the soppiest break up in the world. Now the bad stuff is just around the corner.

    If she really liked you, she'd still be with you. Hopefully you can get that - she wants to fight with you because you irritate her. She would rather be alone than with you. If you're hoping to instantly become friends, you'd be wrong. Firstly you'd still irritate her, so she wouldn't want to see you as much. Secondly, the longer you keep in contact, the longer you'll still have romantic feelings for her, and watch and she drifts away ignorant to your pain.

    How do you get her back? She dumped you, today! And if you argued a lot, she didn't have everything you wanted. Remember arguing over lots of little things points to a larger unaddressed problem.

  • did you have sex?


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