Roller Coaster with EX?

So since our breakup in April we have still seen each other. We have continued to have sex. Our bu I did not see coming things were great but he was closed off bc he was struggling to get a job and then said he felt like we were not growing which I didn't think since he would tell me how much more he was falling for me. Anyway through this whole time we have still done things. At times he would say for us to stop bc it was unfair to both of us but we have always continued. This happened quite a few times. The last time it happened was a few weeks ago where he invited me out for his cousins birthday as a freind he said. He said he was not interested in anything else right now and he wanted to know if it was ok. About a week or 2 later it did not last. We saw each other and of course had sex. He is always compassionate and loving with me and I always spend the night. We get along so great. I still think somethings there but not sure whats going on. There is obviously a connection on every level. This week he has been better at texting back too and I told him I hope he was having a good day. He thought it was interesting that I asked that out of nowhere. I also just asked him to hang out this weekend, so we will see what happens. I still love him and I feel we still have something and should try again, it just feels like a roller coaster. Why the constant back and forth
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What Guys Said 1

  • If you're still seeing and fucking him how is that a breakup? It's obvious to everyone this relationship will never go anywhere good except you. I guess you enjoy drama


What Girls Said 1

  • all that going back and forth is not good for you both. You seriously need to stop seeing him or even communicate with him and move on


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