Ex texted me after 2 months. I still have feelings... Should I reach back now?

My ex who I was friends with for 8 years and dated for 1 year, I don't know what happened. she acted distant... dumped her. She posted other guys on snapchat like the very next week. I was hurt by our splitting up but I've been moving on. 2 months NC... A few hot girls I went clubbing a 2 weeks ago with took my phone and post themselves being all over me on my snap story and my ex saw. She text yesterday saying "idk if you care or not but you were always my #1 support system and I thought you should know I passed my exam and got my new job, I'm starting next month, just wanted to thank you for supporting me in that time. Hope school is going well and the fam is good." and stuff like that. I kept it brief, told her I always knew she would do great and god bless and thanks for the kind thoughts. We only sent like 2 texts from each end and she ended the convo. Told her nothing about my life because she never fucking cared to ask in the couple days before I dumped her so why tell her now? lol

I still feel for her cuz we had a great connection so if she wants to come back, cool... but I realize she was emotional unstable with me which led to me ending it. She would have to show me , that things will be different.

If she is sending this text as a signal that she's moved on, no hard feelings, and wants to just be cordial, I am fine with that.

Basically IDC what happens. But I do want to understand what she wants.

Should I reach out in a week or two and see what happens or just wait for her to contact me again?


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  • You need to move on. If she actually wanted to be with you, you would still be together

    • This is exactly the way of thinking that I'm leaning towards

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