Mexican girlfriend said its better if she's by herself for a while - do I give her space? What can I do?

She's worried about her student visa, and not being around in a couple months. She's waiting to hear back on an internship. Is t sure she'll be here in a couple of months. I love her, and she loves me. We didn't have any problems in our relationship other than not getting enough time together. She's afraid to commit and wants to be able to do this 100%, but isn't ready. She feels like her whole life is spinning out of control. Do I just give her the space she's asked for? I care for her and want to help... but I have to live my own life and not reach out to her to make her missme? Ladies, please help me understand her thinking.


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  • She wants to break up.

    • Well we're not talking or together anymore, so that's pretty much already happened. Do you think there is any hope for the future?

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    • If it were you, and you wanted to make it work, you'd behave differently then. Like, not ask for space but maybe ask for help?

    • Tbh it depends on the person

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