How do I breakup with someone that I'm not even dating?

So, I had this friend with benefits. It lasted about two months end of last year. The thing is, we spent A LOT of time together- Like 5 out of 7 nights a week together. The sex was good, but so was the conversation. I know that we got so close because we are both from the same part of the country and now live alone in a town where we don't know a lot of people. It honestly got to the point that he gave me a key to his apartment so that I could sleep in when he went to work... So I can't just ghost him.

Well, after Christmas I got back together with my ex and things are good between us. I have been spending a lot of time out of town and haven't seen my friends with benefits since before Christmas- mostly scheduling conflicts at first and then it came down to the fact that it is inappropriate. Well, now I am back in town for good and can not figure out how to handle this situation. I haven't told him much but he has offered to come see me without having sex- he says he just wants to hang out with me again. I'm not sure if he has figured out that I am done with the hookups or if he has feelings for me. Ugh. Anyways. Let's further complicate things- I found out Monday that I am pregnant.

Here is a list of things running through my head a million mph:

Do I need to tell a friends with benefits that I am even in a relationship?
Do I need to tell a friends with benefits that I am pregnant?
Do I stay friends with this guy?
If I do stay friends with him then I have to tell him the above..
Do I tell him sooner or later?
How do I tell him that I am pregnant and it's not his without it getting weird?
How do I tell him that I am seeing someone without it being weird?
How do I tell him that I am pregnant after I assured him that it was OK that I wasn't on birth control since I can't have kids? (boy, was I wrong)
If I break it off completely, how do I do it without being a bitch?



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  • Just tell him ur in a relationship now. Keep it at that


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  • Well do you want him still in your life?
    As for what to tell him, he needs to know your in a relationship so he knows where he stands. But if you want to stay friends tell him about the pregnancy. The sooner you talk to him the better


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  • Just tell him.

    • "Hey, I'm pregnant but don't worry it's not yours." that doesn't quite roll off the tongue. And like, why would I even need to tell him that? My main question, is it necessary to tell him these things or not? I feel like it is but I don't want to weird this poor guy out at the same time.

    • I meant tell him you're back with your ex

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