Boyfriend dumped me for her?

He dumped me for his ex last week. Said he didn't trust me because I was a cheating slut, then a week later I find out he used a joint credit card that we had to book an expensive vacation to the Bahamas with the ex he dumped me for (he spoiled her when they were together). I never cheated on him, the ex he spoiled rotten and dumped me for did. I couldn't even get him to take me to dinner let alone on an expensive vacation. Why is he using my money to spoil his ex when I got the second hand treatment? That question was rhetorical however I don't understand how you treat someone who was good to you like crap while treating an unfaithful woman like royalty? What gives?


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  • That's what all cheaters say my ex said the same thing me and then not even us being broke up for two weeks he was already in a new relationship and letting all of facebook know and everyone was congratulating him. He didn't deserve you and you deserve so much better then him.


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  • Knee him in the balls and make him give you your money back


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